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More NCAA Football Non-Playoff Games

Humanitarian Bowl:  I’m not really sure why (1) this game is on at 4:30pm on a Tuesday, and (2) why so many people are rushing to back a mediocre ACC team plus a field goal.  When looking at any line, if it seems like the odds makers want you (you = the gambler) to bet on a certain side, it is usually a good idea to do the opposite.  Or pass altogether.  Nevada -3 (+106) for 2x

Holiday Bowl:  The only thing separating what these two teams have accomplished this season is that one was in the top ten for a few weeks, played a few more meaningful games in primetime, and thus, received much more exposure than the other.  Oregon +3 (-110) for 1x

Texas Bowl:  In an NFL Network game that no one can watch, both teams come into the bowl game at 9-3.  Sagarin sees both of them as equal — the Sagarin Rating, ELO Chess, and Predictor numbers do not favor one team by any significant amount.  Similarly, the FEI ranks both these teams in the 50-70 range — WMU with the slight advantage.  If both of these teams have been relatively equal on the field, why is one of them receiving a lot more action than the other?  That was a rhetorical question.  Western Michigan +3 (-109) for 1x