Champs Sports Bowl

The collective sports media “preview” of the Champs Sports Bowl game features one of my favorite phrases in college football.  You hear it from time to time through the regular season, but it really comes alive when bowl season starts, when teams from the SEC (and to a lesser extent ACC) play against teams from the Big 10.

“TEAM A is faster than TEAM B.”

Problems with this statement:  (1) it usually refers to the perceived speed of skill players and the defense, (2) it is usually not accompanied by any empirical evidence (i.e. 40-yard dash times), (3) it assumes that increasing overall team speed is leads to an increased probability that a team will achieve victory.

Wisconsin +6 over Florida State (-103) for 1x.


4 responses to “Champs Sports Bowl

  1. Interesting stuff. But let me ask you this, per point #2 about empirical evidence. Isn’t that type of stuff (the 40-yard dash time you mentioned) irrelevant anyway? I mean, most of these guys (either college or pro) are timed not wearing pads, going in a straight line, etc.

    Isn’t speed on a football field (“game speed,” stop/start, changing direction, fully padded, etc) completely different than the type of speed that is shown on a track?

    Anyways. Have had a nice couple of days. Took the Lakers on Christmas and the Raptors last night. Tonight’s NBA lines suck. Maybe I’ll take Wisconsin.

  2. No time for a full update:

    SD -9 (sorry)
    Buff +5.5

  3. I’m having a nice day so far:

    Lions +11 (win)
    Mavericks +1 (win)

    Left to play:
    Broncos +7
    Broncos/Chargers Over 49.0

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