San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl

It’s that time of the year:  where the theme of Christmas infiltrates our metaphors.  As far as bowl games go, the 2007 Fiesta Bowl is the gift that keeps on giving, the Super Nintendo with Street Fighter and an extra controller.  Boise State legitimized their program and accrued the respect of the general public with a wild, improbable overtime victory over Oklahoma.

There were many memorable images:  the hook-and-ladder, the mutated statue-of-liberty play, Ian Johnson proposing to his cheerleader girlfriend immediately after scoring the game-winning two-point conversion.  Not quite as memorable:  Boise State losing to ECU in the Hawaii Bowl last season, losing to Boston College in the 2005 MPC Computers Bowl, losing to Louisville in the 2004 Liberty Bowl.  None of these games have anything to do with tonight’s game against TCU, although some claim that Boise “knows how to bring it” in bowl games and are wagering accordingly, remembering only the good and none of the bad.

Among the people who play ESPN’s Streak for Cash, 75% have picked Boise State to win outright.  Among the two Bowl Pools I am a part of, most of the selections mirror this sentiment — that Boise State will win the game.  I don’t know who will win this game, but the odds makers set the line, and have not moved it in Boise’s favor (it is actually moving in the other direction) despite Boise receiving a majority of the action. 

Texas Christian -3 (-110) for 2x


2 responses to “San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl


  2. This is off-topic, but the Cavaliers covered another spread last night.

    I didn’t take them because I wasn’t sure how good Houston would play. It may be time to just start riding King James and seeing where it takes me.

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